Natural spa Smrdáky

    Natural spa Smrdáky

    A unique spa that is well-known across Europe offers an effective treatment of various skin conditions and locomotor system diseases thanks to the unique composition of the natural mineral water with high content of hydrogen sulphide.

    Healing mineral water

    The deposits of the mineral water began to form in the Tertiary, when the whole area was under the sea. The biological sediments developed, changing their physical and chemical composition and mineralizing the water sources underground. This natural mineral water contains 3400 mg of mineral salts per 1 litre of water, of which the hydrogen sulphide amounts to 680 mg. Hydrogen sulphide can permeate the skin directly and have a positive effect on the treatment of inflammations and immunological changes in the body.


    The skin conditions are treated with a combination of hydrogen sulphide mineral water baths (balneotherapy) and UVA and UVB light treatments (phototherapy).

    The locomotor system diseases are, inter alia, treated with sulphur mud wraps for joints and spine, phototherapy (UVA and UVB light treatments), electrotherapy (use of electrotherapeutic devices to release sore muscles), heat therapy (paraffin wraps, infrared radiation), massages, underwater massages, whirlpools, bubble baths and the like.
    The park

    A 16-hectare park with various domestic and foreign trees was established when the swamps were drained. Visitors will find here dozens of species of deciduous and coniferous trees, bushes and grasses. Small animals and birds seeking refuge in the park contribute to the relaxing atmosphere.


    Visitors can enjoy a tennis court, volleyball court, table tennis, billiard table, relaxation centre with a sauna, fitness centre and gym.
    Both the sports centre and park are open to the public.

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