Sightseeing cruise on the river Morava

 Sightseeing cruise on the river Morava

The town Gbely in cooperation with the Czech village Tvrdonice embarked on a project in 2012 called “River Morava does not divide us, it connects“.Sightseeing cruises on the river Morava are organised within the framework of this project. Two ports were built on the Slovak river bank in Gbely-Adamov and Kopčany, and another on the Czech river bank near the Moravian village Tvrdonice.

Visitors are transported in motor boats, leaving the ports at exact times. Alongside the river there are colourful pictures providing information about the local river fauna and facts about the river Morava.

On the river by bicycle

You can take the boat ride also with a bicycle, stroller or even a dog. Bicycle rental is available directly in the port in Tvrdonice, from where a cycling route can take you to the Slavic hillforts from the 9th century Mikulčice and Pohansko. In Kopčany, tourists can visit a small museum of the former imperial stud farm and the picturesque church of St. Margaret of Antioch – one of the oldest sacred buildings in Slovakia.

Footbridge over the river Morava

The Trnava self-governing region approved the construction of a 143 m long footbridge over the border river Morava and adjoining 3,1 km long roads that shall connect to the existing infrastructure. The construction of the footbridge for hikers and cyclists between Mikulčice and Kopčany will be financed from the EU funds.