The castle of Holíč

    The castle of Holíč

    The castle of Holíč is without a doubt a landmark of the town Holíč. It is located near the town centre.


    The castle was built on the Moravian-Hungarian border as a border fortress. Already in the 11th century, a wooden water castle stood here. In 1241 the Árpáds started to build a new stone castle. Under the ownership of Matthew Csák of Trenčín, around 1315, a single-storey Gothic palace was built here. Numerous influential rulers made their mark here. During the rule of Francis Stephen of Lorraine, a whole new Baroque part of the town was built, together with a broad central street leading to the castle.

    The originally Renaissance fortress against the Turks was rebuilt into a three-winged Baroque castle serving as a representative summer residence of the Habsburg imperial family.

    At that time, the fortress area was turned into a grand park. Around the castle, utility buildings are located along the outer defence system perimeter.

    An underground system of castle corridors was built in the 14th century. These diverge to all parts and connect the castle with the utility buildings. Some of the corridors are even open to the public.

    The castle had almost 100 rooms in 1799. Only the renovated premises of the Town museum and gallery are used today and open to the public. One of the utility buildings is reconstructed as well – the so-called deposit that was turned into the beautiful Castle winery. Reconstruction of another utility building is currently under way – the “Tabačiareň” used for cultural purposes. Thanks to its monumentality, generous architectural concept and historical circumstances, the castle was declared a National historical monument in 1970.


    In the past, a very religious lady lived in the castle. Her daughter, however, lived a life of debauchery to her mother's displeasure. When the daughter skipped the holy mass, her mother cursed her to never find peace after death. At that moment, the daughter fainted and died. Since then, mainly during rainy nights, the castle is haunted. It is allegedly the cursed daughter weeping about her fate, climbing the castle staircase with a candle and a silver bowl in her hands, collecting her tears. Legend has it that the curse will be finished once the bowl fills up with the daughter's tears. However, this shall never happen as a black dog turns up at dawn, knocking the bowl out of her hands and drinking her tears.

    The Night of Ghosts has been held here since 2009 as a tribute to this legend.

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