How to become a member

    How to become a member

    Regional Tourism Organization Záhorie is the only professional organization covering tourism in the region of Záhorie (district Malacky, Senica and Skalica). It operates under the auspices of the Ministry of Transport and Construction of the Slovak Republic.

    The aim of the organization is to build a recognizable and competitive tourist destination from the region of Záhorie.

    Main activities include promoting and promoting the destination, creating the conditions for tourism development and product creation.

    Membership in the organization is voluntary. A member may become a municipality / city, a natural or legal person who is operating or operating in the territory of the region concerned. The Board of Directors decides on the application for membership. Acceptance / non-acceptance of the member will be notified to the tenderer no later than 3 months after the receipt of the application.

    Benefits of membership:

    Promoting a member through the organization's website
    promotion on social networks
    promotion through print promotional materials
    free participation in presentations in and outside the region, also at fairs
    the possibility of joining the grant scheme of the Regional Tourism Organization, where it is possible to request up to EUR 20,000 per project
    consultancy in the field of projects
    the possibility of easier networking among members of OOCR Záhorie
    participation in events (festivals, farmfests) organized by the regional organization or regional organization

    Submit your application to:
    OOCR Záhorie
    Obecný úrad Smrdáky 181
    906 03 Smrdáky