Cooperative museum of Samuel Jurkovič in Sobotište

    The Cooperative museum of Samuel Jurkovič that opened in 1994 is located in the Nyaryi manor house in Sobotište. The museum shows the 150-year history of the phenomenon of cooperatives that had a great impact on the ordinary and festive life of many generations in Slovakia. The exhibition focuses also on the personality of Samuel Jurkovič, his connections and pioneer work in the cultural and educational field such as founding a readers' magazine, school library and the Slovak theatre in Nitra where women appeared on stage for the first time. There is even Jurkovič's desk with an accounting book with the list of the first members of the Farmers' guild.

    Who was Samuel Jurkovič?

    Samuel Jurkovič was a pioneer of Slovak and European cooperatives, patriot, fighter for the economic rise of the Slovak people, a teacher, organizer of amateur theatre, founder of the second cooperative, co-founder of the Slovak National Theater of Nitra, co-founder of the Slovak Nation's Demands of Nitra and co-founder of Matica slovenská. The pinnacle of his work in Sobotište was the founding of the second people's credit cooperative in Europe under the name Farmers' guild. Its aim was to provide saving and lending services.

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    Opening hours:
    Tue - Fri: 12:30 - 18:00
    Wed, Thu: 10:00 - 11:30, 12:30 - 16:00
    Mon, Sat, Sun - Closed
    Entrance fee:
    1,00 € - person
    0,50 € - children
    Múzeum Samuela Jurkoviča 
    Obecný úrad 11, 906 05 Sobotište
    +421 34 62 82 102