Boat ride on the Baťa Canal

    Boat ride on the Baťa Canal

    The port of Skalica has a boat rental and organizes sightseeing cruises on the Baťa Canal.

    What is the Baťa Canal?

    The company Baťa built in the 1930s an inland waterway for the purposes of lignite transportation from the mine in Ratiškovice to their heating plant in Otrokovice. The canal was used for this purpose until 1960. Since the 1990s, it has been used for recreational purposes.

    The almost 60 km long route begins in the port of Skalica and ends in the Czech village Otrokovice. There are 13 canal locks that help overcome the height differences.

    The port of Skalica

    Skalica was a part of the water work since the beginning, but the port was constructed only in 2006 from the funds of the town Skalica, government budget and with support from the European Union.

    Boat tours

    In the season, various adventurous boat tours and entertainment events are organized in the port of Skalica. Current programme can be found on In addition to organised tours there is also individual boat rental.
    The rented boats can be steered by persons over the age of 18 after short training in the port. The vessels are low-power with a maximum speed of 8 km/h.

    For capacity reasons it is advisable to book a boat in advance via pristav@prvaplavebna.skor via a booking form on Booking confirmation and instructions will be sent by e-mail. The reservation should contain the type and number of boats, number of persons and their age (children must be over the age of 3), date, time and the number of hours/days of the rental together with a telephone contact.


    The canal locks are open in May and September during weekends and from June to August every day of the week except Monday. The canal locks are closed from October to April.

    Types of boats:

    Motor boats are open boats with a roof (without cabins). Suitable for 4-10 persons for 1-8 hour long rentals. You steer the boat yourself after short training.
    Small cabin boatshave a comfortable cabin where you can rest, and are suitable for all-day tours (8 hours) without overnight stay. Maximum capacity is 2 persons. You steer the boat yourself after short training.
    Cabin boatsare suitable for multi-day tours (minimum 3 days). Maximum capacity is 2 adult persons and 2 children up to 10 years of age. There is a comfortable cabin for sleeping and a kitchenette. You steer the boat yourself after short training.

    More details

    Boating season:
    May - September
    Sightseeing trips with the pilgrim every weekend at 13:00 and 15:00
    Oktober - April
    Entrance fee:
    6,00 € - adults
    4,00 € - children
    15,00 € - family (2+1 do 6y.)
    18,00 € - family (2+2 do 6y.)